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Voices 2022 at SAATH
Watertown, MA

Off Kendrik's Voices mainstage show in 2022 was part of the inaugural South Asian Theater Festival (SAATH) at the Mosesian Center in Watertown, MA. The festival unfolded over three days, offering 8 plays in multiple languages (with English super captions), monologues and on day 3, Voices.

Voices is typically staged every other year and like before, presented 6 new tellers sharing true stories from their lives as South Asian Immigrants. Coaching and crafting help was provided to help bring these stories to life and to prep them for the vast and supportive audience. Tellers were a combination of seasoned public speakers and first timers and delivered varied, and oftentimes enthralling insights into the lives of immigrants.

Learn about them below, watch them tell their stories, come see a future Voices show  and if you see yourself (or someone you know) on a Voices stage in future, email us with your story pitch: it may just happen!

2022 Speakers
Afroz Khan.jpg

AFROZ KHAN gets a pleasant surprise in 'Orange ribbons for me'

Afroz was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to parents who immigrated to the US from India in th 60’s. She works in the energy efficiency field and serves as a city councilor in Newburyport where she is the first Asian American elected to the city council. She is also the mother of two teenage girls who refer to her at home as a 'girl boss'.

Shweta Bhatt.jpg

SHWETA BHATT stands up for herself in 'My dreams are my dreams'

Shweta spent her childhood preparing to become an astronaut and hoping goldfish crackers would materialize into real fish upon application to water. She held and still holds a mission to understand where we are all connected, what we share, and how we matter. Through an education in anthropology, a career in consulting, and a dream of speaking to millions, Shweta has seen herself through the evolution of hearing her voice as a storyteller

Jihad Iqbal.jpg

JIHAD IQBAL almost loses someone to find himself in 'Inshallah, we will go tubing again.'


Jihad was born in Muscat, Oman to parents from Bangladesh and grew up in Georgia. If it sounds confusing, think about how he feels! He's learnt to live with many personas: responsible son, engineer, manager, adventurer. He wants to hear about and discuss all the shades of gray in life and celebrate our innate confusions.

Aisha Khan.jpg

AISHA KHAN reaches the end of her patience in the knick of time in 'I'm done being careful'

Aisha is a teacher, writer and comedian from Pakistan who was working at her master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education at the time of the show. She says 'If someone turned my life into a Netflix series, it would be criticized for being too unbelievable all really did happen.'

Mita Das.jpg

MITA DAS has an epiphany in 'It's ok to not be like others or be LIKED by others'

A professor of Mathematics at the University of Bentley, Waltham, she believes her dedication to math and theater make her better at both and that her attempts to forge authentic connections in class and on stage via entertainment may be working since her student reviews often include 'hilarious', which also aptly describes her husband, 2 kids and puppy.

Ajay Gallewalle.jpg

AJAY GALLEWALLE realizes the hard way that 'Timing is everything'

Ajay has been residing in Boston for so long, he forgot just how long. He started storytelling just before the pandemic, but loves it so much he is taking it to the next level: to become a full time politician or a con artist or both since there are plenty of opportunities and role models around. You can follow him on Facebook as ajaygcomedy or Instagram @ajaygcomedy

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