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Voices is a Story Telling show produced by the the theater group, Off Kendrik.

Modeled after the storytelling show 'The Moth', it brings to light the first-person, true experiences of South Asian Immigrants (which includes people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives.)

The primary event for Voices is the Voices Mainstage Show. This showcases carefully curated stories and is held every other year as a public, ticketed production. In addition, Voices has been honored to be part of the Boston Book Festival's LitCrawl for 2 consecutive years.

Voices Story Slams and other events may occur occasionally

More information below on events and opportunities to participate.


What is this?

This is the main Voices event. Every alternate year, a Voices Mainstage show is produced at a public venue in the Greater Boston area. It is a ticketed event that runs on two nights and hosts 6 to 8 story tellers who share true, first-person accounts of their experiences. A Director typically works on each story to get it stage-ready and the shows are recorded.  Most stories are in English but a few in every show are in Bengali (the Indian language in which this theater group primarily performs) with English live-captions. Watch previous shows from links at the bottom of this page.

When and how is it held?

The mainstage show is held every alternate year in a theater with great productions values. Past shows have been in Davis Square and Waltham. The 2020 show was scheduled for Cambridge but converted (by the Pandemic) to a virtual show.

Next event: TBD

Watch past shows:

2016, 2018, 2020

Do you have a story for the Voices mainstage?

'Voices' at the Boston Book Fest LitCrawl


Due to technical glitches, recordings are delayed. We are hopeful we will share them sometime in the future. 

Voices was at the Boston Book Festival's Lit Crawl on 9th June, 7 PM, 2022 at Kendall Square's Area Four.

There was dinner (the pizza was excellent) and a committed, large audience for 3 tellers who shared true stories from their lives as second generation immigrants. At an open mic section at the end (on-the-spot telling!) brought 2 audience members to the mic with great stories of their own. The event was free.


Voices was at the 2021 Lit Crawl at Central Square's Artifact Cider Project on the outdoor patio where 4 tellers from previous Voices Mainstage shows shared stories about their immigrant journeys. The open mic section at the end had some great stories too. 


Story Slam

What is this?

A Voices Story Slam follows the standard slam format: people sign-up from this website to tell true, 6 minute stories that they have prepared (about South Asian immigrant experiences.) During the show, 6 to 8 names are picked at random from the pool of tellers to share their stories. The audience serves as a judging panel and the winning story gets a small prize. The show is recorded and shared later on the Off Kendrik YouTube channel.

When and how will it be held?

The March and July slams in 2021 are virtual, via Zoom. Future formats will be decided later. 

Want to compete with your 6-minute story (or watch)?

Next event: TBD

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