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Ray's Magic (2023)

Satyajit Ray has been a part of every Bengali's consciousness since our teenage years and youth.  In addition to his famous creation of Feluda and Prof. Sanku, Satyajit Ray's magic extended to intriguing short stories covering a variety of genre. Off-Kendrik celebrates Ray's genius by reimagining four of his short stories on stage.  These adaptations are an exploration of contemporary society, where each protagonist grapples with his/her conscience. 


The four short plays  were:​

  • Item No.173 (adapted from Batikbabu)

  • Shasmal and Gupta LLP (adapted from Mr. Shasmal er sesh ratri)

  • Binidro (adapted from  Telephone)

  • Amogh (adapted from Mayurkanthi Jelly)

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