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Since 2008, Off-Kendrik has produced seven original plays: (i) Bijoyer Chayer Cabin (Bijoy's Tea-stall); (ii) Hingsha Shomporkito Dhara Biborini (A Commentary on Violence); (iii) Khagom; (iv) Mobius Strip; (v) Boro Holo J (J Grows Up); and (vi) Rajesh Babur Antardhan (The Disappearance of Rajesh Babu) and (vii) Naksha (A collage of short plays). 


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Rajesh Babur Antardhan
Boro Holo J
Bijoner Chayer Cabin
Mobius Strip

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Off-Kendrik is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization serving South-Asian community of Boston/New England area through Art, Theater and Storytelling for today and tomorrow, for us and for our next generation.

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Phone : 508-269-8091

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