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Section 1. The Association is a voluntary, incorporated, non-profit cultural organization.


Section 2. The objective of the organization is to promote the national heritage of Indian-Americans in the community via theatrical and similar cultural performances.  A core mission of the association is to represent the voices of the south Asian community through theater and create an awareness of this community in the larger American society.  A goal would be to involve the youth from the community and provide them a platform to express themselves through theater.


Section 3. Form partnership with similar theater entities in the US and India to form a strong financial support network for theater workers in India.

As a federally registered non-profit organization, we rely on the kindness of our patrons and well-wishers to continue our mission of serving the community

in the following ways:

  • Offer a platform for immigrants to make their experiences familiar to a wider audience on a public forum, enabling better integration with American society.

  • Offer female artists the opportunity to develop programs that will speak to women’s issues.

  • Incorporate the second generation in our productions as performers so that they can connect with their roots and better understand their dual-heritage identity and build their sense of confidence and leadership.

  • Offer students the opportunity to work as “interns” for our productions in support of marketing, set-design, lights, sounds and general management.

We are a 100% volunteer run organization and our budget is completely focused on our production costs. Your support will:

  • Enable presentation of  “Voices”.

  • Help establish technology infra-structure that will allow for seamless real-time translations of our productions. This will productions accessible to a wider audience and facilitate integration of the South Asian community in the greater Boston area.

  • Reach out to the female group seeking space to develop new women-centric work in our up-coming planned series.

  • Help establish longer duration internship programs for college students to assist with grant proposals, providing them with a rich experience of work in the non-profit sector. 


Your support will allow our dreams to take flight and make a lasting impact on the greater Boston community.


       Checks can be made out to Off-Kendrik                                    OR                  Use a Credit Card online from this link

        and mailed to 106 Burt Street, Norton, MA 02766 


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