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Bijoner Chayer Cabin (Bijoy's Tea-stall)

Written and directed by Sankha Bhowmick, Bijoner Chayer Cabin was Off-Kendrik’s first production. The play was performed for the first time at Worcester Polytechnic’s Riley Commons in September 2008 (one show), and then at Lesley University’ Marran Theater again in May 2009 and May 2010 (two shows each time).


The plot examines the dynamic interactions among three friends frequenting a tea-joint in Kolkata. Their individual lives unfold in distinct ways, only to be interrupted by the periodic appearance of the playwright who asserts his authorship by attempting to dictate the flow of the plot. Light, sound and slide projection are employed to experiment with form and structure, challenging the linearity of time and space.

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Video of performance at Marran Theater (May 2010) 

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