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Boston Book Fest LitCrawl
Cambridge, MA

Off Kendrik's Voices show was honored to be awarded a spot in the Boston Book Fest (BBF) LitCrawl.

On an unseasonably cool summer evening on June 10th, outdoors on the deck of the Artifact Cider Project in Central Square, with all seats filled, 4 alumni from previous Mainstage Voices shows shared abbreviated versions of their stories of being South Asian Immigrants.

At the end, an Open Mic section hosted a few people step up for impromptu stories.


Souvik Chattopadhyay tries to order a sub.


In this story, Souvik remembers his inept attempts to order a sandwich at subway as a new immigrant to the US and reminds us that 'assimilation' is a tall, tall order sometimes. Watch the long-form version of this story at 2016 Voices.


Deepak Deb flashes back to when unknown fears got the better of him.

Deepak remembers his first days in the US and nightly terrors at spooky sounds that terrorized him and his young wife.


Sadly, this was Deepak's last performance before he unexpectedly passed away just a few days later. He will be sorely missed and remembered, always. Watch the long-form version of this story at 2018 Voices.


Dipanwita Bhattacharya gets a surprise at her young son's class presentation.

In this story, Dipanwita learns what her young child thinks his dad does, after a career-day presentation to his class goes off the rail. Pride and joy can come from the most hidden corners to make an immigrants journey feel worthwhile. Watch the long-form version of this story at 2018 Voices.


Shayok Chakraborty gets brushed aside, get mad and fights for the rights of others.


In this story, Shayok recounts a first generation immigrant's arduous journey to bring help to the homeless, fighting against the tide and fueled by the memory of a personal humiliation earlier in his life. Watch the long-form version of this story at 2020 Voices.


Vishal steps up from the audience to the 'open mic' and tells us about meeting his wife.


Sankha Bhowmick steps up to the 'open mic' and remembers a brush with music.


Chandreyee Lahiri steps up to the 'open mic' with a parenting misadventure.

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