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A collage of short plays:"Naksha"


Video of Naksha

“Naksha” is a collection of 4 original short plays in Bengali, each with a unique flavor and with different settings. From humor and satire to ethos and melancholy, each of them has its own structure, acting styles and imbibed with contemporary themes. ​

What the Fantasy football is to Sunday night Football
What a Chondi-mondop is to the senior center's bingo hall

What a Pokemon Go is to Boy scout's Treasure Hunt
What a Super Mario is to body doubles's action Stunt

What Rang-milanti is to your first Rubik's cube
What Row vs. Wade is to a young woman's Fallopian tube

What a spinner's Googly is to a hard-hitter's Sixer
What a clown's mime is to OffKendrik's farcical Naksha....

Photo gallery: Naksha

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