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Two short plays, 'Aleek Rasta' and 'Khelure', were staged on Saturday, 25th Sept (6 pm) & Sun, 26th Sept (3 pm) at the Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge at 41 Second St, East Cambridge, MA 02141. Performances were in Bengali with English super-titles and Covid protocols as specified by the City of Cambridge and venue, were followed. Audience provided proof of vaccination, were masked and every effort was made to include distancing between seats,


"Khelure" (Gamer) is a play conceived as a street theater (a form of theater done on streets as a form of mass education or protest) by thespian Deepak Deb. The play uses original songs written to reflect the political turmoil in India after CAA and NRC bills and is presented through an allegory of video gaming and in-build discrimination within the games. 

We stage this in memory of Deepak Deb whom we lost too soon, as a testament to his talent. Click here to learn more about his life and work.

অলিক রাস্তা.jpg

"Aleek Rasta" (Illusionary Path) is a short play that traces one day in the life of a struggling filmmaker. Presented in reverse chronology through interaction with his wife, lover and his own film characters, we are confronted with his dilemma of artistic integrity versus compromise in the rapidly evolving film world.


Off Kendrik is grateful to the Mass Cultural Council for a grant that helped make this production possible.

Coming soon: photos from performances

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