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The Greater Boston area is home to a large community of immigrants who have made this area a place to work, live and contribute to society. In 2008 a group of South Asian Bengali Immigrants calling themselves “Off-Kendrik”
produced their first play, Bijoner Chayer Cabin. It was staged at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and was well received by an audience comprising of the local Bengali diaspora. And so “Off-Kendrik” was born.


In 2018, Off-Kendrik received 501(c)(3) status from the federal government and recorded a membership of about 20. Off-Kendrik owes it’s existence to the behind-the-scenes volunteer work by all its members including the elected
Governing Body.

We provide a platform for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and share a bond of unity through the medium of theater as well as other forms of visual arts. As a federally registered non-profit organization, we rely on the kindness of our patrons and well-wishers to continue our mission of serving the community.


Off-Kendrik is a hybrid word that means Off-Center (Kendrik is the Bengali word for 'center'). We are primarily an experimental Bangla  theater group. Our work draws on various contemporary issues faced by a constantly changing Bengali community, both at home and abroad. Most of our productions have been original plays in Bangla. Our production style has been inspired by black box theater; we use a minimalist approach and active use of alternative spaces to express ourselves. Since 2018, we have expanded to adapting classic Bengali plays and mainstream production styles.

In 2016, Off-Kendrik started producing a curated story-telling performance piece called Voices. This biennial and bi-lingual (English/Bengali) program has focused on the South Asian community with a view to expanding to a broader immigrant community in the future. The program has emphasized participation by young adults, featuring pieces by high-schoolers and recent college graduates

We primarily perform in spaces at local Universities (Lesley University, Boston University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and schools (Andover's Pike School, Waltham's Fitzgerald Elementary). Monthly meetings are held at local libraries or individual member’s homes.

Off-Kendrik is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization serving South-Asian community of Boston/New England area through Art, Theater and Storytelling for today and tomorrow, for us and for our next generation.

Please get involved and donate.

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