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Off-Kendrik was proud to participate in a virtual theater festival organized by the Bay Area Amateur Thespians (BAAT) on 15th January, 2022, 8 PM EST. This production is performed in Bengali (no captions), is virtual and free. 

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Dystopian Dreams

  “We live in strange times” is an understatement today.
  “We also live in strange places, each in a universe of our own.” This Douglas Adams quote can be seen in a new context these days. “Dystopian Dreams” is a collage of three short plays exploring our own space at this time.

-   In ‘Rajib’ a single woman is dealing with her pandemic confinement.
-  'Protighat' is an exploration of an inevitable moment in our immigrant life and how we respond to it.
-  'The Insurrection' is a story of someone like us who came to the US in search of the American Dream. However, life decides to take its own turns leading the protagonist down a dark path with shattering consequences.
   Taken together, these three plays explore the fragility of our contemporary existence.

Concept: Sankha Bhowmick and Shouvik Gangopadhyay.
Cast: Mausumi Datta Dey, Nilay Mukherjee, Deepmala Roy, Sutapa Saha, Debraj Roy, Souvik Chattopadhyay.
Director: Sankha Bhowmick 

Coming soon: photos from performances

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