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A Conversation with hiran mitra

 The creative mind of the set designer, which breathes life onto the stage from behind the scene, is no less crucial in theater than those who are visible to the audience. Off-Kendrik is inviting Hiran Mitra, the renowned Kolkata-based art director, painter, author and set designer, to discuss how his most recent project –the set for the current production of “22-e August”- has brought to fruition the visions of the playwright, director, and performers. Mitra will also share snippets of his long experience as a visual artist in the theater arena.

Although this is a free event, we would request you to open your hearts and donate to help folks back home suffering from the COVID crisis.

June 13th (Sunday) 10 AM EST -  Zoom Webinar Link

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June 13th (Sunday) 10 AM EST -  Zoom Webinar Link 

A few projects by Hiran Mitra

Imagined Stage.jpg

22-e August

22-e August-Perf-1.jpg
22-e August-4.jpg
22-e August-1.jpg
Ami Soumitra-2.jpg

Amar Soumitra

Ami Soumitra-1.jpg
Ami Soumitra-4.jpg

King Lear

Ami Soumitra-3.jpg

Curriculum Vitae - Hiran Mitra

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