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We shall Overcome

June 12th (Saturday) 11 AM EST -  Zoom Webinar Link.

Suman Ghosh In conversation with Rituparna Sengupta, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Paoli Dam and Kaushik Sen

The crisis unfolding daily in India has devastated millions of people with the loss of loved ones, lack of food, medicines and treatment and largescale loss of jobs and livelihoods. It has been left to the hundreds of local volunteers and support groups to step up and meet the need of the hour.


We are witnessing this devastation sitting thousands of miles away, helpless, and powerless to add to the on-ground relief efforts. But we remain strong in our resolve to see this through, provide a helping hand to the needy and overcome the crisis with solidarity and compassion.


As an organization that has always prioritized the need to make a positive impact on society, Off-Kendrik is supporting a fund raiser to help the COVID impacted people in Bengal. This event will feature some eminent personalities from Kolkata in a live discussion led by economist and filmmaker Sumon Ghosh. During the discussion, the guests will share their views on the socio-economic impact of the pandemic as well as include performances that will be aligned with the theme – We Shall Overcome.


We will be supporting the following NGO who has now diverted their resources to help people through the COVID crisis in West Bengal, through the June 12th fundraiser - We ask that you open your hearts in this support. 

While donating please input whole dollars (minimum $5) and do not use decimals

For any trouble in the Donate button please pay directly at Off-Kendrik's Paypal Account here.

June 12th (Saturday) 11 AM EST -  Zoom Webinar Link

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Sangsar Sangsar

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