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Rajesh Babur Antordhan 

(comming soon to Boston)

An award -winning journalist in search of a story meets a quirky, opinionated man at a government guest-house in a remote location. As they are engaged in friendly banter, the caretaker informs them that there is a local seer with a pet cobra. Although this draws derision from Rajeshbabu, they are still drawn to the seer and his cobra. The events that follow are baffling, inexplicable and mysterious. 

Boro Holo J

Boro Holo Ja, an award winning play staged by Off-Kendrik in 2015, has its roots in Sukumar Ray’s Bengali classic “Ha Ja Ba Ra La”, which in turn was inspired by Lewis Carrol’s fairy-tale , “Alice in Wonderland”. This play marks a point of departure from Ray's story where the nameless narrator "ami" grows up and lands in Wall Street...

Mobius Strip

Mobius Strip, a surface with only one side and one boundary, is well known for its devious reputation of being mathematically "unattainable". Written and directed by Sankha Bhowmick and performed at Atlantic Playmakers in Burlington, Massachusetts in June 2011 (three shows), the play explores nuances of the relationship of a couple --Manashi and Aman-- as they struggle with their personal & political dilemmas. Snippets of their moments together twist and warp in space and time, blurring distinct surfaces and edges.


A pet snake, a holy man, a reporter, an opinionated urbanite, a curse, a strange night and a bizarre disappearance ….. Satyajit Ray’s classic tale of mystery and mystics is adapted for stage against a contemporary backdrop. Here modern ideas of progress clash with indigenous beliefs, imposed authority spawns subversion, and the conclusion is left open-ended! Scripted by Sankha Bhowmick and directed by Gourab De, the play was initially presented once as a living-room edition (performed literally in a living-room in Acton, Massachusetts) in May 2011, and then at Atlantic Playmakers in Burlington, Massachusetts in June 2011 (three shows).

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