Virtual Pandemic edition

Off-Kendrik proudly presents the 2020 edition of "Voices", a story telling show featuring voices of South Asian youth from immigrant families.

Prior Voices stories have touched upon themes ranging from cultural integration, through mental health to relationships. This edition focuses on the next generation of South Asians with 'coming of age' stories from within the immigrant environment.

March dates for the in-person were cancelled due to the Pandemic but like so many other performing arts groups, we will bring you the show via the internet.  

No tickets needed.

Do you have a story about a South Asian Immigrant experience? 

You could be part of a future show. Pitch your story idea(s) with this button! or email offkendrik_at_gmail_dot_com

Never been to a 'Voices' show? 

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Off-Kendrik is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization serving South-Asian community of Boston/New England area through Art, Theater and Storytelling for today and tomorrow, for us and for our next generation.

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