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Mark your calendars! The 3rd annual South Asian American Theater Festival (SAATh Fest) is happening September 20th to 22nd at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in Watertown.

Want to learn more?  Reach out to us at  or

Thank You

Thanks for coming out in force and supporting very important work “ Monolokokotha “ ( Tales of the Mind) June 7-9 th at CMAC. Your support for the three plays and the following panels are an important milestone in the community so that we can start to have more open conversations about mental health topics. We, the cast and crew at Off- Kendrik sincerely appreciate the empathy you have shown on these topics and provide critical feedback. We look forward to continuing this journey together in the future.

 Recent Theatrical Production


About Off-Kendrik

Off-Kendrik brings the South Asian community to the center stage of Boston/New England, through Art, Theatre and Storytelling. With our roots in Bengali theatrical productions, we have rapidly evolved to embrace the rich montage of languages and artistic traditions that blend within the fabric of South Asian culture

The annual SaaTh festival showcases the best of South Asian theatre in its endeavor to be inclusive of the region's diverse languages. Our storytelling event called Voices curates impactful immigrant experiences from the South Asian community. Theatre workshops are organized regularly to learn about various forms, techniques and content of theater and storytelling. Off-Kendrik provides a platform for expression to various theatre groups, social activists and young leaders. We also stage original plays in Bengali that are conceived, scripted and enacted by the team.

Born in 2008, Off-Kendrik is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. All our presentations are super-captioned in English to broaden their reach.

Our Mission:
Off Kendrik creates an awareness of the South Asian community in the larger American society by representing the voices of this community through theater.  One of the goals is to involve the youth from the community and offer them a platform for self-expression through the performance arts.


Supported with a grant from :

We are grateful to the Mass Cultural Council for their generous grant that has helped us to
broaden our reach to a diverse audience. With this grant, we were able to procure a captioning
system that has enabled us to overcome language as a barrier to communicate Off-Kendrik’s
artistic expressions to any audience. All content is super-captioned in English


India is being devastated by the 2020-21 pandemic. In addition to regular fundraising efforts by the group, we encourage donors to support the following organizations doing important work (names are links). Every little bit helps.
* Aid Boston | * Give India  |   * Anudip  | * Milaap
HELP FOR COVID victims in India
The recent spate of hate crimes against Asians in the United States, including the vicious murders in Atlanta, brazenly violate all notions of social justice. Deeply committed to diversity, inclusion and social justice, Off-Kendrik stands in solidarity with the ongoing protests against these crimes, as it does with any resistance to racial or other injustices anywhere.
Off-Kendrik firmly stands with the strike of screenwriters at WGA ( Writers Guild of America) and the actors at SAG-AFTRA for the minimum pay, pay conditions, residual pay, the impact and usage of the generative AI, and other employment conditions.
Shame on AMPTP ( Alliance of Motion Pictures & Television Producers, which consists of all the big names such as Amazon, Netflix, Paramount-CBS, Disney-ABC-Hulu-Fox, NBC, Sony and others) for the bad faith negotiations with the guild !! So far the studios have  shown utter disrespects  to the writers and the actors and offered 20% of what were being asked. 
Off-Kendrik strongly supports this labor movement for better pay, usage of AI and against the supreme greed of the studios.


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