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Upcoming Presentation

2nd South Asian-American Theater (SAATh) Festival in New England !
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We stand with            

Off-Kendrik firmly stands with the strike of screenwriters at WGA ( Writers Guild of America) and the actors at SAG-AFTRA for the minimum pay, pay conditions, residual pay, the impact and usage of the generative AI, and other employment conditions.


Shame on AMPTP ( Alliance of Motion Pictures & Television Producers, which consists of all the big names such as Amazon, Netflix, Paramount-CBS, Disney-ABC-Hulu-Fox, NBC, Sony and others) for the bad faith negotiations with the guild !! So far the studios have  shown utter disrespects  to the writers and the actors and offered 20% of what were being asked. 

Off-Kendrik strongly supports this labor movement for better pay, usage of AI and against the supreme greed of the studios.


Recent Past Productions


Reimagining Ray's Short Stories on Stage

Satyajit Ray has been a part of every Bengali's consciousness since our teenage years and youth.  In addition to his famous creation of Feluda and Prof. Sanku, Satyajit Ray's magic extended to intriguing short stories covering a variety of genre. Off-Kendrik celebrates Ray's genius by reimagining four of his short stories on stage.  These adaptations are an exploration of contemporary society, where each protagonist grapples with his/her conscience. 


The four short plays (adapted from) are:

  • Item No.173 ( Batikbabu)

  • Shasmal and Gupta LLP (Mr. Shasmal er sesh ratri)

  • Binidro (Telephone)

  • Amogh (Mayurkanthi Jelly)

When: Friday, 5th May (7:00 pm)

           Saturday, 6th May (6:30 pm)           

           Sunday 7th May (3:00 pm)

WhereThe Foundry, Cambridge.

Parking: 350 Kendall St. Garage & 650 Kendall St. Garage for

patrons $10 Fri evening & $12 on Sat/Sun.

Metered Street parking available on Rogers St. for 2 hrs.

Free after 6 PM and on Sundays. 

Captions: provided in English.

Children: above 10 are welcome at student price.

Binidro (Sleepless)


An urban disaster...

A late-night mysterious call from an unknown number to the wife of an industrialist…


A long-lost treasure returning home...

A sleepless night weaves together a tale of estrangement and conscience with unexpected consequence in this short play

Item No 173.jpg

Item No. 173

During her vacation at a hill resort, Dipa meets a strange person who collects seemingly random objects from his surrounding. While everyone else ridicules him, Dipa is drawn to Mr. Mukherjee and pays him a visit. Soon, she is fascinated by his collection as well as stories of violence and vision associated with each object. As she gets drawn to him, is there a danger lurking around the corner? This play is an allegory of our culture of consumption and fascination with violence.

Sasmal & Gupta LLP

Sudeep Sasmal has come to a high end resort in Grenada to get away from work pressure and to relax for a few days- or so it seems. But when he starts seeing certain animals in his room that no one else can see and are hard to find on that island, we start getting a closer picture of Mr. Sasmal. Why has he come here and what is he hiding? A reflection of out contemporary corporate culture, this play takes a deeper look into human conscience.

Sasmal &Gupta LLPjpg

Amogh (Inevitable)

What happens when you accidentally discover a hidden notebook of your deceased friend who is also a genius scientist? What if that notebook contains pathbreaking research notes that could change the trajectory of science and nobody is aware of it’s content? You have been a struggling scientist for a long time- is this the fortuitous break you deserve? Amogh is a portrait of our struggle to live upto expectations in a hypercompetitive society and the price we pay.


Previous Presentation


1st South Asian-American Theater (SAATh) Festival in New England !
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Previous Production


"Ekti Abhinaba Natoker Mohora" (In search of a novel play) is a dark absurd comedy that reflects  the state of humankind in current times. It takes us on a spiral of stories that are repeatedly fragmented leaving one wondering what is true. An ensemble cast of human and non-human characters create a collective collage of the despair and ludicrousness of our current life.

Saturday, 4th June (6:00 pm)
Sunday 5th June (3:00 pm)
WhereMulticultural Arts Center, Cambridge.

Parking information : The East Cambridge Parking Garage is entered off Spring Street, between First & Second Streets, one block away from us, and open 24/7. More Info here.

On Sunday, Street Parking is FREE.

Captions: provided in English.

Children: above 10 are welcome at student price.

Health: At the time of the event, CDC guidelines will be enforced. Audience will need to wear masks as per CDC and city of Cambridge's guidelines on the day of the event. 

About Off-Kendrik

   We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization serving South-Asian community of Boston/New England area through Art, Theater and Storytelling for today and tomorrow. Most of our Theatrical Productions are original plays written and performed in Bengali. Super-captions in English are incorporated for non-Bengali audiences as and when logistics permit. ​

    We also present a Story telling event called Voices, every year and now every 3 months with a virtual slam. Modeled after 'The Moth Radio Hour' from Public Radio, 'Voices' curates stories from the South Asian community, loosely themed on immigrant experiences.

    We regularly organize Theater workshops to learn about various forms, techniques and contents of theater and storytelling. We also provide a platform for various theater groups/personalities, social activists and young leaders to talk about their work and express their thoughts.

Supported with a grant from :-

We are grateful to the Mass Cultural Council for their generous grant to help us increase our audience reach. We are a theater organization who produce theatre primarily in Bengali. With the Mass Cultural Council grant, we were able to buy a captioning system which will increase our reach to non-Bengali speaking communities as well thus making our productions that much more inclusive.


India is being devastated by the 2020-21 pandemic. In addition to regular fundraising efforts by the group, we encourage donors to support the following organizations doing important work (names are links). Every little bit helps.
* Aid Boston | * Give India  |   * Anudip  | * Milaap
HELP FOR COVID victims in India
The recent spate of hate crimes against Asians in the United States, including the vicious murders in Atlanta, brazenly violate all notions of social justice. Deeply committed to diversity, inclusion and social justice, Off-Kendrik stands in solidarity with the ongoing protests against these crimes, as it does with any resistance to racial or other injustices anywhere.


Storytelling theatre          Theatrical productions             Theater workshops 

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Off-Kendrik is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization serving South-Asian community of Boston/New England area through Art, Theater and Storytelling for today and tomorrow, for us and for our next generation.

Please get involved and donate.

Phone : 508-269-8091

Email :

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