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Workshop'18: Introduction to the Eric Morris System of Acting

Off-Kendrik organized a two-day theater workshop on July 21 and 22 at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts. With twenty participants, the workshop was directed by Damini Beni Basu, an actor and acting coach based in Kolkata but operating internationally. A student of the legendary Hollywood acting coach Eric Morris, Basu introduced the Eric Morris System of Acting, a rigorous technique of training method actors by guiding them to first confront their latent emotions, and then discovering links between some of those feelings and fictional emotions of characters. A series of strenuous exercises that often involved intense verbal, physical and emotional maneuvers led participants to attempt to achieve effective theatrical expressions via a variety of self-explorations. Not only did the workshop educate the group in multiple issues related to acting, but it also strengthened the sense of bonding crucial to teamwork in a non-profit theater group.

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